UAE Launches its First Reprographic Rights Agency


SHARJAH - The United Arab Emirates has officially launched the Emirates Reprographic Rights Management Association (ERRA), a first-of-its-kind association in the region to protect the copyrights of authors and publishers.

The ERRA will be responsible for monitoring the use of print and digital works in schools, universities, copy and print centers, as well as public libraries, in collaboration with relevant government entities.

The establishment of ERRA is considered a major step in the right direction to promote, guide, and execute legislation and laws that protect the copyrights of publishers and author in the UAE, which bolsters the role of the UAE in encouraging creative industries as a fundamental element of the modern economy.

Head Office

AGIP Building 104 Mecca Street, Um-Uthaina, Amman, Jordan
P.O. Box: 921100, Amman 11192, Jordan
Telephone: (00 962-6) 5100 900
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