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Registration of License Agreement

The Lithuanian trademark law provides for the registration of license agreements for trademark registration in Lithuania.

A license agreement regarding a mark registered in Lithuania must be registered with the Patent Office of Lithuania in order for the license agreement to have legal effect against the third parties and for the licensee’s use of the mark to inure to the benefit of the trademark owner.

There is no time limit by when the license agreement has to be registered. The license agreement may permit the licensee to sub-license the marks, in which case, the sub-license agreement should also be registered.

A license agreement can be registered only against trademarks that have been registered in Lithuania and cannot be registered against marks that are not registered and/or marks pending for registration.

Renewal of Trademarks

The renewal application ... More details


  1. A simply signed and sealed power of attorney.

  2. A duly notarized deed of assignment if the applicant is different from the inventor.

  3. Specification, claims, abstract and drawings.

  4. A priority document for claiming priority.

  5. Inventor's Declaration.

Requirements for Payment Annuities

  1. Patent number.

  2. Application number.

  3. Annuity due date.

  4. Annuity year.

  5. Name of the owner.
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To register and protect an industrial design in Lithuania, the design may be two or three-dimensional, must be new, must have distinctive characteristics (be distinctive in appearance), and can be utilized in industrial articles or articles of handicraft.


The renewal application and fee must be filed and paid within the last 6 months before the expiration date in Lithuania, or within 6 months after the expiration date with an additional fee.

An industrial design registration patent is valid for a 5 -year term from the date of the application, and can be renewed for additional 5-year terms and up to 25 years in Lithuania.

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