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Introduction to Trademark Protection in Taiwan

In Taiwan, trademarks must be registered for the owner to enjoy exclusive trademark rights under the Trademark Act. While some limited protection may be available to unregistered marks under other laws, notably the Fair Trade Act, trademark registration is the preferred means of protection.

Taiwan allows for multi-class applications and requires specific goods and service designations based largely on the international “Nice Classification” system. As in Japan, Taiwan's classification system includes sub-classes and there is a strong presumption that goods and services in the same subclass are similar. Applicants should also note that an overly broad designation of goods or services is one of the leading causes of trademark application delays.

Although Taiwan is not a member of the Paris Convention, priority may be claimed based on a first filed application in any WTO ... More details


1. A simply signed power of attorney.
2. An oath signed by the inventor.
3. The assignment deed signed by the inventor, if the applicant is not the inventor himself.
4. A copy of the specification and claims, and a set of the formal drawings, if any.
5. The filing date and number of the corresponding application filed at home country or elsewhere.
Note: An applicant may claim priority based on applications filed in Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, U.S.A. and France.

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1. Drawings
2. Specification
Special Notes:

An application for a new design registration shall be filed by the person entitled thereto by submitting to the Patent Authority a written application with an oath.
Where the person entitled to file a registration application is an employer, assignee or heir, the name of the creator shall be indicated in the application, and the document evidencing the employment, assignment or inheritance shall be submitted along with the application.

An application for a design shall contain:
1. The title of the article applied to the new design
2. The name and domicile or residence of the creator.
3. The name or title, nationality, domicile or residence or office address 
    of the applicant; and the name of the applicant's representative if any.
4. Name and office address of patent agent, if ... More details


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