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Requirements for Filing Trademark Applications

1. A simply signed Power of Attorney.

2. Applicant's name and address.

2. Prints of the trademark.

4. The list of the goods/services and the classes pertaining thereto.

5. Priority documents (if claimed).


Renewal of trademarks only needs a formal application to the Patent Office.

No documents showing use of the mark, affidavits or the like are required.

Trademarks shall be used within five years from the registration date and, if not, they are liable to cancellation. Cancellation suits are brought before ordinary courts of law by individuals or others to whom the registration may be detrimental. No ex officio actions are taken in this respect.

Recordal of License, Assignment and Change of Name and ... More details


Patent Applications

  1. Specification, claims, abstract, drawings which can be filed in English and translated to Swedish within a fixed term.
  2. Full name and address of the inventor and the applicant.
  3. Power of attorney and deed of assignment.
  4. Priority document only upon request
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Industrial Design / Requirements:

  1. Representations of the design. The representations shall show the design from all angles.
  2. Information of the design in order to be able to indicate the correct class according to the Locarno Agreement.
  3. Information of the creator of the design and the owner of the design.


Renewal of industrial designs only needs a formal application to the Patent Office

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