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A brief outline of the procedure for trademark registration in South Africa is as follows:

• File application;

• Examination approximately 36 months from date of filing;

• Acceptance once Registrar's requirements have been met;

• Advertisement thereafter - third parties have a period of three months from the date of advertisement within which to oppose;

• Registration after expiry of 3-month opposition term provided no opposition is encountered;

• Renewal - every ten years;

• Compulsory use for a period of 5 continuous years from the date of registration.

The whole process from filing to registration will take approximately 4 years due to the backlog at the Trademarks Office. 


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1. A simply signed power of attorney. (Form P3)
2. An assignment of the invention and of the priority rights, where applicable.
3. Specification, claims, abstract and drawings.
4. State the International Class of the patent, if available.
5. A priority document, if priority is to be claimed.
Note: Registration in South Africa also covers Bophuthatswana, Transkei and Venda,which have been reincorporated into South Africa.

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  1. Declaration and power of attorney.
  2. Statement of novelty definitively setting out the features for which protection is claimed, together with an explanatory statement if necessary.
  3. Assignment, if the applicant is not the original proprietor of the design.
  4. Statement whether the design is to be registered in part A (aesthetic design) or part F (functional design) of the register.
  5. Four sets of identical representations in the form of drawings or photographs. The registrar may also call for the submission of specimens.
  6. In convention cases, a certified priority document with a verified translation if in a language other than English.
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Copyright is an automatic right in South Africa and, save for the copyright in cinematograph films, cannot be registered in South Africa. If the copyright your client wishes to register relates to cinematograph films, we can assist you with the registrations.

Please note that South Africa is a signatory to the Berne Convention. 

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