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Documents/Information Required for Filing Trademark Applications

1. Name and address of the applicant(s).

2. A clear specimen of the mark (preferably a soft copy in JPEG format).

3. The specification of the goods and/or services, and if possible, the class(es) in which the mark is to be filed.

4. Any claims for color, 3-dimensional shape or aspect of packaging.

5. If the mark is a device (logo), a description of the device.

6. If the mark is or contains a word, the derivation of the word.

7. If the mark is or contains a word in a language other than English, a certified translation and transliteration of the same.

8. If there is a priority claim (i.e. if the applicant has filed to register the mark in a Paris Convention or World Trade Organization country 6 months prior to this application in Singapore), we would require details of the priority applications, including the priority ... More details


Search and Examination

The options for search and examination of any patent application in Singapore are complicated. The summary below is to some extent a simplified version of the options available! Generally, unless there is any specific option an applicant wishes to adopt on a particular case, we will advise on what we feel is the best option in the circumstances.

With recent amendments to Singapore Patents Act and Rules, a “two-track” examination system for Singapore patent applications was introduced. By default, a patent application proceeds via the “fast track”. An overview of this option is illustrated as a flowchart in Annex A. Alternatively, it is possible to prosecute a patent application by the “slow-track” by paying a block extension fee by 39 months from the filing or priority (if claimed), in which deadlines are extended.

National Applications

Fast Track

More details


Non-Conventional Design Applications (without priority)

  1. The name and address of the applicant. If the applicant is a company, please let us know the country of incorporation of the applicant company, as well as the type of legal entity comprising it (e.g. a limited liability company, a joint stock company, etc).
  2. The name of the articles to which the design is intended to be applied, and the Locarno Classification of the articles. If no classification has been designated as yet, we will provide you with our recommendation of suitable classifications.
  3. A statement describing the features of the design which are novel. If you require, we will provide you with our recommendation of a suitable statement of novelty.
  4. A statement justifying the applicant's right to make the design application. If the applicant is not the inventor, please let us know whether the applicant has derived its ... More details


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