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Brief Outline of Trademark Registration Procedure in Malaysia

Upon receipt of an application, the application would be allotted an application number. This is followed by formality examination. If formality is complied with, substantive examination (called full examination here) will be carried out. If formality is not met, the Registrar will issue an office action requesting the applicant to file amendment or to submit the missing document. The time frame from application to full examination typically takes nine months to a year.

If the application is not objected to on relative or absolute grounds, or if an objection is overcome, the application proceeds to acceptance whence the applicant is required to prepare the artworks for publication on government gazette. If the Registrar issues an objection, the applicant is required to file a response within TWO months. If objection is not overcome, the applicant could request ... More details


Patent Applications


1. Text of disclosure or specification typewritten in 1½ spacing, or 
    preferably double-spaced; numbered every 5th line at the left 
    margin; page numbered at top-centre of each sheet; 
    comprising the following parts:

1.1 description of invention
1.2 a claim or claims
1.3 drawings (if any)
1.4 abstract not exceeding 150 words

2. Patent Agent Appointment Form (Form 17).


3. Applicant(s): name; address and nationality.

4. Inventor(s): name, address and nationality of each inventor.

5. Statement Justifying Applicant's Right to the Invention if the 
    applicant is not the inventor. This may be a brief of ... More details


Design/ Requirements

1. Introduction

The Malaysian Industrial Designs Act 1996 (hereafter referred to as the “IDA 1996”) came into force on September 1, 1999, together with the Industrial Designs Regulations 1999. The coming into force of the IDA 1996 repeals the previously applicable Malaysian laws relating to registered industrial designs, namely United Kingdom Designs (Protection) Ordinance 1949 (West Malaysia) (Act 214), United Kingdom Designs (Protection) Ordinance of Sabah (Cap 152) and the Designs (United Kingdom) Ordinance of Sarawak (Cap 59).

There is now an administrative set-up in Malaysia for the processing and examination of industrial design applications.

Transitional Provisions
Granted Industrial Designs: Any registration protected under the United Kingdom Designs (Protection) Act 1949 shall subject, to the terms, conditions and period of validity ... More details


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