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Iran is a member of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property and Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks.

Trademarks and collective marks may be registered in Iran.

A trademark is any design, image, word, expression, seal, cover, etc., adopted to distinguish industrial, commercial, or agricultural products.

The following, among others, may be registered:

- Three-dimensional marks: applicants must present different dimensions of the mark so that it may be clearly represented.

- Color marks: applicants must clearly indicate the colors that are being claimed. The Office does not require certain specific standards and mere description of the claimed colors is sufficient. The Office classifies color marks according to the International Classification of the Figurative Elements of Marks.

It should be noted that ... More details


The documents that must be submitted at the time of filing (by e-mail)

Data Sheet containing the following:

1.  Name of Applicant

2. Address of Applicant

3. Nationality of Applicant

4. Name of Inventor/s

5. Address of Inventor/s

6. Nationality of Inventor/s

7. Title of Patent

8. Priority Information (if any), Number, date, Country

9. PCT information (if any)

10. Patent Specification in WORD format.

11. Patent Drawings, (if any) in WORD format.More details


Design Requirements & Information

1. Name of applicant
2. Type of company (Limited, joint stock, etc…)
3. Type of business
4. Company registration number
5. Nationality
6. Principal location
7. Address with postal code
8. Telephone
9. Fax
10. Email
11. Description of design
12. International classification & Goods
13. Goods
14. Pictures or drawings of design
15. Certified assignment document from designer to applicant (If applicable)
16. Certified copy of priority documents (If claimed)
17. Certified and legalized power of attorney
18. Certified copy of the extract from the commercial register is required.  Or a notarized copy of the Commercial extract.

Time limit to complete: 60 days from filing date, extendable only once if approved by the IIPO for additional 60 days.

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1. An application form (AGIP will be listed as the billing and the technical contact, while your company will be the administrative contact). It can be submitted by mail, email or fax.

2. A signed Power of Attorney, prepared on the official letterhead of the applicant company, with the applicant's official stamp. The original is required by mail. (A proper form shall be provided upon request).

Top-Level Domains:

.ir: for commercial companies

Second-Level Domains:

.co.ir: for commercial companies

.ac.ir: for colleges, universities or academic institutes

.gov.ir: for government and ... More details


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