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Requirements for Filing Trademark Applications

1. A simply signed Power of Attorney.

2. A simply signed Statement of Mark Owner.

3. Thirty prints of the mark, the size of which does not exceed 9 x 9 cm if the mark is in color. If it is in black and white, we need only one sample.

4. Certified copy of Priority Document (if the application claims priority rights).
Note: If the documents are made out in any language other than English, translation by a sworn translator is compulsory.

A new Indonesian Government Regulation (Regulation No. 19 of the year 2007) regarding the Amendment of Indonesian Government Regulation No. 75 of the year 2005, Concerning the Types and Tariffs of Non-Tax Government Revenues Applied at the Department of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia has come into force right.

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  1. Simply signed Power of Attorney.
  2. Claim of Priority, if applicable:

    If priority is claimed, a copy of that earlier application, certified by the authority with which it was filed (i.e. the priority document), shall be filed either together with the international application in which the priority claim is made, or be submitted by the applicant to the International Bureau, or to the receiving Office not later than 16 months after the priority date, provided that any copy of the said earlier application which is received by the International Bureau after the expiration of that time limit shall be considered to have been received by that Bureau on the last day of that time limit, if it reaches it before the date of international publication of the international application.
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1. Full name, address and nationality of the applicant(s) and inventor(s)
2. Power of Attorney
3. Assignment of Rights
4. Statement of Ownership
5. 5 sets of original picture of product design
6. 2 samples of actual products
7. Brief description of the analysis of the invention
8. Certified copies of priority document (if any)

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  1. Duly signed Power of Attorney.
  2. Duly signed Declaration of Ownership.
  3. Duly signed Assignment of Right.
  4. Five sets of original pictures of the product design.
  5. Two samples of the actual products.
  6. Fifteen prints of copyright (max. 9 x 9 cm / min. 3 x 3 cm).
  7. Three product samples.
  8. Title and brief description analysis of the invention.
  9. Certified copy of priority documents (if any).
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