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Requirements for Filing National/European Trademarks

1. A Power of Attorney (no legalization).

2. In cases of special graphic feature or color, 15 prints, maximum size 8 x 8 cm. One additional print is needed for each additional class. Where it is not obvious, the correct position of the mark shall be indicated by adding the word ’top’ to each reproduction. Where registration in color is applied for, the application shall also contain an indication to that effect. The reproduction shall consist of the color reproduction of the mark. Where registration of a three-dimensional mark is applied for, the application shall also contain an indication to that effect.

3. A certified copy of home registration (not for applicants from Paris Convention countries or where requirement therefore has been removed by reciprocal agreement).

4. Information required:

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Patent Applications

  1. Specification in Finnish, claims and abstract in Finnish and Swedish.
  2. Drawings: one set on white drawing paper and two sets of copies.
  3. Priority document within 16 months from priority date.
  4. Power of attorney.
  5. Assignment of invention.
  6. Information required:
    a) Full name and address of the applicant and inventor(s).
    b) Examination results on corresponding applications in other countries where available.

Assignements, Licences and Changes

  1. Power of attorney.
  2. Appropriate proof, e.g. assignment deed, license agreement, official deed indicating the change to be recorded.
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