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Renewal is possible upon publication of detailed cautionary notices every six years. The cautionary notices should be published in both English and Amharic.

Moreover, less detailed cautionary notices have to be published in English and Amhari every two years.

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1. A legalized power of attorney.
2. Three copies of the specification and claims in the English and Amharic languages.
3. A legalized letters patent issued in the country of origin.

Note: A single notice may cover only one patent or one trademark so that a separate certificate may be issued in respect of the patent or the trademark as the case may be. Even if more than one trademark are included in a single notice with a view to reducing the advertising charges to the minimum, a separate registration fee is to be paid in respect of each trademark with the result that a separate registration certificate will be issued for each trademark.

As per a new regulation issued by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the dates of signatures in the Ethiopian Embassy legalization must be within one year.

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Requirements for Filing Design Applications

1. A Power of Attorney (to be authenticated by an Ethiopian Embassy).

2. Four graphic representations or drawings (max. size 10cm * 20cm).

3. A printing block.

An industrial design application shall contain a request and specimen of the article embodying the industrial design.


The request shall contain a petition to the effect that a patent or utility model certificate be granted in the name of and other prescribed data concerning the applicant, the inventor and the agent, if any, and the title of invention using Form No. 1 obtained from the Office.


The application shall contain a specimen of the article embodying the industrial design or a pictorial representation thereof and an indication of the kind of ... More details


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