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Formal Requirements for Filing Trademark Applications in China

Trademark application without priority:

1.       A copy of signed Power of Attorney;

2.       Trademark print in jpg format;

3.       The name, address, postal code and contact person of the applicant in English and we will translate into Chinese under client’s authorization;

4.       The designated class and products of the mark;

5.       Meaning of the mark, if any.

6.       Copy of the company registration certificate with stamp or signature of the client.

Filing an application with Priority claim

More details


Patent Application for Invention/Utility Model (Convention Application)

  1. Name and address of the applicant(s) and the inventor(s).
  2. Information of Priority Right (if priority right is claimed).
  3. Description, claims, abstract, drawings (if any).
  4. Certified priority document (if priority right is claimed).
  5. Assignment (if the applicant in China is different from that of the priority application).
  6. Power of attorney.

Items 1-3 are mandatory at the time of filing, whereas items 4-6 can be filed later; however, the deadline for submitting item 4 will expire after three months from the Chinese filing date.

Patent Application for Design (Convention Application)

  1. Name and address of ... More details


For a design application to be filed in China, it is required to submit the following:

1. Two sets of drawings or photographs (if color is claimed, it is required to submit two sets of colorful photographs) to the State Intellectual Property Office of China. For that purpose, please provide us with four sets of drawings or photographs for one design case.

The following information is also required at the time of filing a design case,

1. Priority Right data (if any to be claimed).
2. Name, address and nationality of each designer.
3. Name, address, nationality and residence of each applicant.
4. Title of article.
5. Locarno Classification of the article to which the design applies.

If priority is claimed, a certified copy of the priority document is required to be submitted within three months from the Chinese filing date. However, in order to avoid any extra late filing fees.

We recommend submitting the ... More details


Requirements for Registration of Copyright of Computer Software in China

  1. Name, address (including post code), nationality and identification number of the applicant; name and telephone number of the person to contact if the applicant is an entity. If the applicant is the copyright owner, please also indicate:

    (a) Whether the applicant is the original copyright owner or an heir or assignee of the copyright. If the applicant is an heir or assignee, a notarized copy of certificate of inheritance or assignment of the copyright shall be provided.

    (b) The status in which the copyright is owned by the copyright owner, solely or jointly.

  2. Documentation to prove the identification of the applicant, i.e., a notarized or legalized copy of identification card for an individual applicant, or a notarized or legalized copy of business license for an entity ... More details


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