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A trademark application in Canada can be filed on the basis of any one of the following four options:

1. Use in Canada.
2.Intent to use in Canada.
3.Making known in Canada.
4.Use and registration abroad.

The requirements for filing a trademark application in Canada are the following:

1.A drawing of the trademark in black and white (size 7 x 7 cm), in case of a design mark. (This can be prepared locally)
2.The list of specific wares and /or services in ordinary commercial terms.

3.  Use in Canada:Date of the first use of the trademark in Canada.

  1. Intent to use: No further documents are required. (Eventually, in order to obtain registration, a declaration stating that the applicant or its licensees has started using the trademark in Canada must be filed with the Registrar.
  2. Making known in Canada: Particulars of the distribution or advertising of the trademark will be necessary.
  3. Foreign use and ... More details


1. One copy of the specification, claims and abstract of the invention.
2. A set of the formal drawings, if any.
3. The particulars of the basic patent application, if priority is to be claimed. Priority must be claimed within four months as of the Canadian filing date.
4. A deed of assignment if the assignee is the applicant.

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1. Please note that there is no form to be signed by the applicant for filing a design application in Canada.
2. Formal drawings which should be on A4 format.
3. An assignment is not required even if the application is filed in the 
    name of the owner of the design. In this case, the name of the author
    is not required.
4. In case of claiming priority, the application must be filed within 6 
    months of the priority date.

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