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Trademark Registration

Important aspects regarding trademark protection in Bolivia

Bolivia has an attributive trademark system. In other words, in order to acquire trademark rights over a sign its registration is indispensable. Use by itself does not grant any trademark rights in Bolivia.

The registration of a trademark in Bolivia grants the owner of it protection in all the Bolivian territory.

Bolivia is a signatory to the Andean Community Pact, thus registration in Bolivia also grants the owner of the trademark certain preferential rights in the rest of the Andean Community countries (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela).

Since Bolivia is also a signatory to the Paris Convention, registrations or applications filed in another country, which is a member of this Convention, are valid especially for priority matters.

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Requirements for Filing Patent Applications

Patents may be filed as local applications or based on claims of priority within twelve months of the first filing elsewhere.

An application must include the following basic information:

1. Name and domicile of the applicant.

2. Name, nationality and domicile of the inventors.

3. Specifications of the invention including claims and drawings.

4. Number of the priority document.

The following may be submitted within 60 days of the application:

1. A Power of Attorney notarized and legalized through the Bolivian Consulate.

2. A Spanish translation of the patent specifications and claims.

3. If the applicant is other than the inventor, the assignment document.

4. When claiming priority, a certified copy of the priority document.

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