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Requirements for Filing Trademarks Applications:

1. Full name and address of the applicant(s)
2. The exact mark.
3. The goods or services for which registration is sought
4. Convention priority (if priority is to be claimed) if so, particulars of the basic application (i.e., basic country, basic application number and priority date, full name and address of the basic applicant.

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Filing Requirements for Patent Applications 

1. A copy of the specification (description, claims, abstract of the disclosure, and drawings if any) in English, typed or printed with reasonable clarity.

2. The name and address of the applicant, together with the number(s), place(s), and date(s) of the basic application(s) if convention priority is claimed.

3. The application form can be completed by an Australian patent attorney, as can the Notice of Entitlement form.

4. A certified copy of the basic application(s) and Notice of Entitlement form can be filed later.

5. If it is not possible to transmit a specification and/or drawings in time, as a last resort, a Convention Application with a temporary specification which identifies the invention by reference to the particulars of the basic application can be filed.

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Filing Requirements for Design Applications

No authorization or other documents require execution by the applicant prior to filing a design application, but the following information is required:

1. Name and address of the applicant.

2. At least one set of representations (photograph or drawings).

3. A description of the article in respect of which the design is to be registered, e.g. ‘table’, ‘container’.

4. Name of the author of the design (if different from the applicant) and the manner in which the applicant derives title from the author.

5. Identification of features in the design that are considered to lend newness and distinctiveness to the design.

6. Details of any claim to Convention priority.



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