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Morocco is a member of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property. The International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks under the Nice Agreement (10th edition) is followed in Morocco and the revision of class 42 with the creation of classes 43 to 45 has been adopted since January 1, 2002.

The Law No. 17.97 relating Industrial Property Law has been modified and supplemented by the new Law No. 23.13 and is in force since 18 December, 2014. The law to the protection of Industrial Property in Morocco has been modified and ... More details


Patent applications are examined as to formal requirements and to substantive requirements based on an assessment of the invention against the criteria of novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability. A Patent Examiner reviews the application and searches the prior art to decide whether the application meet the requirements of patentability.

The PTO will prepare a preliminary search report with an opinion on the basis of the claims, descriptions and drawings, if applicable. The preliminary search report once prepared shall be notified to the applicant or his agent. Afterwards, a final search report will be issued.

A patent application will be published after a period of 18 months from the filing date or of the eldest priority date, if it is not rejected or withdrawn. After this publication date, any third party may object a registration of an application within a deadline of 2 months. If an ... More details


The registration proceedings do not involve substantive examination of the compliance with the requirements for protection. 

However, there are two substantive grounds for refusing an application:

1. Where the subject-matter of the application does not correspond to the definition of a design namely, "Any composition of lines or colors shall be deemed an industrial design and any fine image not combined with lines or colors shall be deemed an industrial design, provided that the composition or the said image shall give a special appearance to one of the industrial or handicraft products to serve as pattern to manufacture an industrial or handicraft product. Besides, the said industrial design or model should be different from other ones for having a unique layout easily recognized and gives it a serious feature or for one or more external effects that give a new an appearance."

2. Where the design is contrary to public policy or ... More details


Protection of Copyright and Related Rights is regulated by law No. 34.05 on Copyright and Related Rights Act which amends and complete the Law 02.00".

The said Law entered in force on March 2006.

This new law is in conformity with international conventions ratified by Morocco

The sanctions against piracy of works ranging from two to six months and a fine of 10,000 to 100,000 dirhams.

In case of repetition, it is expected a prison sentence ranging from one to four years and a fine of 60,000 to 600,000 dirhams.

The new law provides for a term of patrimonial rights amounting to 70 years after the death of the author.

In addition, it is provided a possible recourse for an intervention of the Customs in light of the fight against piracy of works protected by this law.

More details


The Moroccan Government has initiated the registration of domain names since 1999. The registration can be in a Native form or a Virtual form. According to the regulations, a domain name registration should actively rent a space for the website and has IP numbers for a primary and secondary ISP.

The Moroccan ISP has no legal obligation to screen domain name registrations and operates a “1st come-1st register” body. Any legal disputes are forwarded to the courts and are governed by the Common Law. The court may request proof of ownership of the name, by a trademark registration or a company name. Proof that the name has an agent in the country has to be recorded.

Once a court order is issued to cancel the domain name, the ISP will abide by the order to cancel or amend the name. Domain names are non-transferable once registered to an entity, unless such entity is bought out or merged with another entity. If an entity is dissolved, the domain names ... More details


Morocco is member of the UPOV Convention and as per the TRIPS Agreement that underlines - under the ADPIC agreement - the obligation of protecting intellectual property rights of inventors including breeders, Morocco has adopted Law 9-94 on the protection of plant varieties which was promulgated by the Royal decree No 1.96.255 issued on January 21st, 1997.

According to the Moroccan national law, the protection concerns varieties belonging to a list of kinds and species determined by the Ministry of Agriculture. This decision determines as well, for every specie, the duration of the protection and the elements concerned by the right of the breeder. Currently, more than 80 species are protectable in Morocco, and are divided in three categories:

Group A : Cereals, vegetables, fodder cultures, industrial cultures, flora and ornamental species, potatoes and strawberry plants.
Group B : Arboricultural and vine species ... More details


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