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Libya is a member of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property. The International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks under the Nice Agreement is followed in Libya. The trademark law does not provide for the protection of trademarks covering alcoholic drinks in classes 32 and 33 and pork meat in class 29. Service marks can be registered according to the Eighth Edition of the Nice Classification.

Recently, the Libyan Trademark Office implemented a new effective trademark registration system. It considered all trademark applications filed in Libya prior to August 2002 as invalid. Accordingly, fresh applications should be filed in order to ensure legal protection for the applications filed prior to August 2002.

Once a trademark application is filed, it is examined as to its registrability. Should the mark lack any requirement as provided for in the law and its ... More details


Once an application for the grant of a patent is filed, it is examined with respect to compliance with the formalities and patentability provided for under the patent law in Libya. The Patent Office may require whatever amendments may be necessary to bring the application into conformity with the law. In the event the applicant does not comply with the requirements of the Patent Office within a given grace period of 6 months, a patent application will be treated as renounced.

An applicant is entitled to appeal the requirements and conditions of the Patent Office by means of submitting a petition to the competent committee within 30 days as of the receipt of the notice served to him by the Patent Office. Approved applications are published in the Official Gazette and are rendered open for public inspection. Any interested party may oppose the grant of a patent within 2 months as of the date of ... More details


Designs and industrial models are protected in Libya through registration with the competent office. The Patent Office examines the application as to relative novelty.

A registration of a design or an industrial model is subject to cancellation in the event any interested party requests such a cancellation before the competent tribunal on the grounds that the registrant is not the real owner of the design.

A design or an industrial model registration is valid for 5 years starting from the date of filing the application renewable for two similar periods of 5 years each. ... More details


Libya does not currently have a national board, but registration of domain names is being handled by an intermediary. It is expected that the registration will become local within the coming months. Presently, the ISP has no legal obligation to screen domain name registrations and operates on a "first-come, first-serve" basis.

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