AGIP Clients

 AGIP aims to offer the best services consistently by following a set of engagement principles as follows: 

- AGIP is committed to guaranteeing local and foreign clients across many industries, from small businesses to major national and international corporations the best protection of their Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), and promoting the introduction of modern Intellectual Property legislation in the world. 

- AG-IP-Renewals service eliminates the time-zone bottleneck that usually occurs when dealing with clients on the other side of the globe. Clients are able to check the status, and renew their IPRs with a click of a button without the hassle of paperwork, sending and waiting for emails or faxed letters.

- Through, clients can send online instructions concerning all AGIP services covering trademarks, patents, industrial designs, copyrights and domain names. Each main service includes the following: search, renewal, change of name, change of address, recording a license, recording an assignment, recording a merger and others. Moreover, enables clients to check their outstanding and/or settled invoices in addition to obtaining account statements.

- The centralized accounting system at the General Administration enables clients to attend to financial matters easily and effectively through a single contact.

- As part of our commitment to improving the service and ensure that we maintain positive relationships with our clients, we analyze opinions and satisfaction levels of our esteemed clients through giving them an opportunity to fill out the Client Feedback Survey posted on AGIP's website. 

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