Special Protection of Well-known Trademarks in Beijing


To render more effective protection to the legitimate interests and rights of the foreign proprietors of well-known trademarks in China, the Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC), upon the request of some foreign trademark owners, has recently adopted a policy regarding the protection of well-known trademarks in Beijing.

The policy states that products bearing 25 specific famous foreign brands, including "LOUIS VUITTAON," "PRADA," "CHANEL," and "BURBERRY," would be barred from sale at clothing wholesale markets and petty commodities wholesale markets within the jurisdiction governed by the Beijing AIC. 

Consequently, any activities in violation of the stipulations above shall be investigated, and those suspended for having committed crimes shall be transferred to the public security organs.

Entities which establish and manage the wholesale markets shall bear the obligation of maintaining the order of the marketplace and evicting the dealers who repeatedly commit acts of trademark infringement. The AIC shall impose penalties upon those convicted of illegally selling counterfeit world-famous brands in accordance with relevant laws and regulations in China.

Moreover, the Beijing Municipal AIC is planning to expand the special protection to a second batch of foreign well-known trademarks.

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