Intellectual Property Laws of the Arab Countries


Edited by Talal Abu-Ghazaleh
A perception lingers among investors that the Arab Countries of the Middle East and North Africa fail to adequately protect and enforce intellectual property rights. However, as this first-time-ever compilation reveals, all these countries do in fact more than meet international standards in the legal protection of copyrights, patents, trademarks, and integrated circuit design. This virtually complete collection of relevant instruments, in accurate up-to-date English translations, is exactly what is needed to inspire confidence and spur the successful marketing of products throughout the Arab world.

For each of eighteen Arab countries (including Palestine), Intellectual Property Laws of the Arab Countries gives transnational businesses and their counsel complete details in such areas of practice as the following:

>Eligibility for protection.
>Registration and renewal procedures.
>Dispute resolution.
>Succession of rights.
>Enforcement of penalties for infringement and administrative and judicial remedies.

Most of these countries will eventually be bound by Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs). In the meantime, however-and for the many potential situations not contemplated by TRIPs- this book will be of great value to business executives, practitioners, and law students interested in the economic integration of the Arab countries into the multi-lateral trading system.

Kluwer Law International
June 2000, 1100 Pages, Hardcover
ISBN: 9041188428
Price: US$ 225.00

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Table of Contents


The Peoples' Democratic Republic of Algeria. Patents. Trademarks.
State of
Bahrain. Copyright Law. Trademark Law.
Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf. Introduction. Patent Regulation.
Arab Republic of Egypt. Copyright Statue. Trademarks and Commercial Definitions.
Republic of Iraq. Copyright Law. Patents and Industrial Designs. Trademarks and Indications Law.
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Copyright Law. Patents and Design Law. Trademark Law.
Kuwait. Patent Law. Implementing Regulations. Trademark Law.
Republic of Lebanon. Literary and Artistic Copyright Law. Laws and Regulations of Commercial and Industrial Property (Patents). Trademark Law. Artistic and Literary Ownership.
The Great Libyan Arab Peoples' Socialist Jamahirieh. Copyright Protection Law. Patents, Industrial Design and Models. Trademarks Law.
Morocco. Industrial Property. Trade and Industrial Marks Law. Design and Patents.
Sultanate of
Oman. Copyright Law. Law of Trademarks and Commercial Data.
Palestine. Patents Rules. Design Rules. Register of Patent Agents Rules. Trademarks Rules. Trademarks Ordinance. Press Law 1995.
Qatar. The Protection of Intellectual Works and Copyrights. Trademark Law.
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Law For the Protection of Copyright. Patent Law.
The Democratic Republic of the
Sudan. Patent Law for the year 1977. The Patent Regulations, 1981. The Trademarks Act.
Arab Republic of Syria. Patent Law. Trademark Law.
Republic of Tunisia. Copyright Law. Patent Law. General Provisions for the Enforcement of Patent Law. Trademark Law.
United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) Copyright Law. Patents, Designs and Industrial Models. Trademark Law.
Republic of Yemen. Intellectual Rights.

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