New Official Fees Come into Effect in the West Bank


RAMALLAH – The new official fees list for trademarks services adopted by the West Bank Government on September 3, 2012 will go into effect as from January 16, 2013.

The new fees cover filing, publication, registration, renewal, recordal, oppositions and cancellation of trademark applications.

Accordingly, Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property (AGIP) amended its schedule of charges which is now posted on the website (

For more information on this matter, or any inquiries, please contact AGIP West Bank Office at the following address:

Address: Green Tower Building, Al-Nuzha Street, near Ramallah Public Library
P.O. Box: 3800 Al-Beerah, Ramallah, The West Bank
Telephone: (00972-2) 298 9401
Fax: (00972-2) 298 8150
Contact: Ma’an Nasser

Head Office

AGIP Building 104 Mecca Street, Um-Uthaina, Amman, Jordan
P.O. Box: 921100, Amman 11192, Jordan
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