DotMobi Announces Availability of One and Two Character Mobile Domain Names


DUBLIN and WASHINGTON, DC – DotMobi, the company behind .mobi – the only Internet address created specifically for locating content that works on all mobile phones – recently announced that they will make available .mobi domain names with one and two alphanumeric characters, such as,, or

According to DotMobi, these short names are highly sought after by companies seeking to extend their brand with a brief, memorable web address. In a recent auction of numeric domains, names such as went for as much as US$325,000. Numeric domains in particular are sought after because there is no translation needed among countries, making them extremely useful for global brand recognition.

DotMobi is one of the very few registries who have made one and two character names available. These newly available domains give brands an upper hand in supporting mobile phone users who do not want to type long URL addresses into their phone browser for viewing mobile content.

Plus, these domains can be used to reinforce brand loyalty. For example, universities can use their acronyms to help students find school-related mobile content. US state tourism boards could use their two-digit abbreviations for reaching travelers.

Publicly traded companies might use their ticker symbols as domains that allow their stockholders to find current stock worth via their mobile phones.

“One and two character domains are the most valuable – and often most expensive – domains when available,” said Trey Harvin, CEO of DotMobi.

“Rather than selling these names, DotMobi is looking to provide these names to strong brands with high-quality mobile content. These short domains are highly memorable ways to reach mobile customers who are using the mobile Web in 2009 as never before. They also allow these companies to utilize DotMobi’s tools, resources and marketing reach,” he added.

Companies may submit expressions of interest for a one or two character .mobi domain by visiting onechar. DotMobi will respond to requests from interested brands who provide specific concepts for the .mobi domain requested. All formal applicants will then be required to complete a proposal and contract process.


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