P1: Can a patent search be conducted?

P2: Can a patent application be filed without its complete documents?
Yes, in case of a Convention applicaiotn.

P3: Can convention priority be claimed? Paris Convention?

P4: Can a registration be obtained for pharmaceutical products?
No. However, the invention is patentable for a method of preparing pharmaceuticals.

P5: What is the term of protection of a patent and from which date is it calculated? Can it be extended?
(15) Years from filing date, provided that an annuity is paid each year.

P6: Is a secret form of filing a model/design permitted?
Not applicable.

P7: Is there a novelty requirement? Is it local or worldwide?
Local and worldwide novelty is required for the patent applied for.

P8: Are utility models granted protection in your country under the Current Law?

P9: Is the patent protection available for software alone, or must the software be coupled with computer hardware in order to permit patent application?
Software protection alone is not available under the Syrian Patent law. Please refer to answers: C1-C9 below.

P10: Can the specifications or claims be amended?
Yes, before granting the patent. After granting the patent, a separate application for a patent of addition would be required.

P11: Could annuity payments be made before the granting of the patent?
Annuities payment before granting the patent is required to keep the application in force.

P12: In what language should specifications and claims of the patent be filed?
English or French, with the relative Arabic Translation.

P13: Is working of the invention required to keep protection in force and, if so, can the working requirements be satisfied by importation or nominal working?
Working of the patented invention is required in Syria. However, in the absence of actual working, a nominal one is satisfactory.

Article 5/A of the Legislative Decree No. 47 of 1946 states that the patentee shall forfeit his rights if he should introduce into Syria articles of foreign origin similar to those protected by his patent, due regard being paid to conflicting the international conventions effective in Syria.

P14: What are the conditions that might lead to a compulsory license?
Not applicable.

P15: Must assignments be recorded within a certain period?
Yes, within (3) months from the assignment effective date. Afterwards a fine payment will be imposed for every two months delay period.

P16: Does the Patent Law provide for licenses or registered users?

P17: Does the Patents Office publish the patent applications in the
Official Gazette?
No, only granted patents are published as to patentee data and name of invention.


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