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Address: 165 Metcalfe Ave., Westmount, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3Z 2H5

Telephone: + 1 514 933 6190
Contact Person: Dania Salamé (Ms.)
Fax: + 1 514 933 9023

Ottawa Office: 

1804 Haiku Street
Ottawa – ON
K2J 6W5
Tel: +1-613-890-6780
Contact: Ahmad Al-Zou’bi ( Mr )

AGIP Data Center offers different kinds of search services for trademarks published in the Official Gazettes in the following countries and territories: (UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, West Bank, Gaza, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Jordan, Sudan and Bahrain).

ШТАБ-КВАРТИРА AGIP Building 104 Mecca Street, Um-Uthaina, Amman, Jordan

P.O. Box: 921100, Amman 11192,Jordan
Telephone: (00 962-6) 5100 900
Email: :

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