As expanding trademark protection has become a priority in our time for all brand owners with an eye on cutting cost to minimum, we, at Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property (AGIP), have been examining this issue over the last couple of years, and after careful analysis and study, AGIP would like to announce that clients can now save hundreds of dollars when filing their trademark applications simultaneously through AGIP in China, India and Russia for as little as U.S $ 1,495. 
As AGIP has been involved in serving clients from all over the world, and in recognition and full understanding to our clients’ needs, we are excited to offer our clients a tremendous chance to extend their trademark protection to almost half of the worldwide population in one single click. 
China, India and Russia represent almost half of the globe population, and have been among the wealthiest regions of the world. In fact, they were ranked among the top ten largest economies in the world by nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The combined GDP of the three countries surpasses $30 trillion, with combined population of 3 billion. 

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TM Filing Requirements in China:

1.Name and address of the applicant. We, if authorized, can make translation. If the applicant has filed TM applications in China before, the Chinese name and address used in the previous applications shall be provided. In the case of a natural person’s application, the applicant’s ID number and a copy of his identity card, passport, or driving license are also required. 

2. Trademark representation. One copy of the applicant’s mark is needed if it is in black and white. If the mark is in color, 8 colored copies per application are needed. Only one copy is needed if the mark is presented in digital format. There are two possible trademark formats: (1) plain block letter format; or (2) stylized format. The applicant is always requested to register the mark in the forms as it will actually be used in China.

3. Specific and standard item(s) of goods/services designated in accordance with the 10th Edition of the Nice Classification. Submission of class or subclass titles is not acceptable.
4. Power of Attorney duly executed by the applicant. The original POA is not mandatory, and a soft copy via email will suffice. 

5. Priority document if priority is claimed (this document can be late filed within 3 months from the filing date).

6. Copy of the applicant company registration certificate. Chinese translation will be required.

TM Filing Requirements in India:

1. A simply signed and stamped Power of Attorney from the Applicant. However, the original document is not mandatory at the time of filing the application and a copy of the same is sufficient.  The original power of attorney may be filed at a later stage without incurring additional cost.

2. 10 Prints of the trademark (not needed for word marks).

3. List of the goods/services and the classes pertaining thereto.

4. Information on whether the trademark has been used or is proposed to be used in India. In case of use, please state the date or month of first use in India.

5. Name, Address and Legal status of the applicant, e.g., Ltd., Corporation, Federation, etc.

TM Filing Requirements in Russia:

1. The name, the address and the nationality of the applicant.

2. Prints of the mark. Only soft copy of the mark shall be sent electronically (in good quality).

3. The meaning of the word marks (if available).

4. A list of the requested goods/services in English (Word format) and in accordance with the International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purpose of the Registration of Marks – 10th edition.

5. Priority document if priority is to be claimed. A certified copy of such a document with its Russian translation should be presented within two months from the filing date of the trademark application at the Russian Federal Service of Intellectual Property (Rospatent).

6. Power of Attorney in the name of the applicant, stamped & signed by the authorized person at the company indicating full name, position in the company, date & place of signature (Notarization or Legalization is not required).

To download the POA form, please click here.

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