30-Jun-2015AGIP Announces Winner of TAGITOP Initiative during INTA 173th Meeting in San Diego
28-Jun-2015AGIP the Agent of All Patents Published at the 1st Qatari Patents Gazette
24-Jun-2015New Reduced Fees Adopted in AGIP Russia and Iran Offices
22-Jun-2015ICANN Selects AGIP to Conduct a Study on DNS in MENAC
16-Jun-2015AGIP’s Executive Director Selected Chair of the Arab IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group 2015
15-Jun-2015ICANN Board Approves Singapore Hub Expansion
08-Jun-2015TAG-Legal Organizes a Workshop on the “Supervisory Role of Public Sector in IPR Protection”
30-May-2015When & Where to Meet AGIP Professionals
29-May-2015Read AGIP Website in Six Languages
27-May-2015Egypt and Japan to Commence a Patent Prosecution Highway Pilot Program
24-May-2015TAG-Org Launches Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Collocations Dictionary
24-May-2015AGIP Awarded Excellence Award 2015 by Merk Echt
20-May-2015Negotiators Adopt Geneva Act of Lisbon Agreement at Diplomatic Conference
30-Apr-2015When & Where to Meet AGIP Professionals
25-Apr-2015Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization Releases the Second Edition of “Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property Dictionary”
22-Apr-2015AGIP Expands Global Presence with New Offices
22-Apr-2015AGIP India Office Launches E-Filing System for Trademarks
19-Apr-2015WIPO Launches New Multilingual Interface for ePCT; Nine More Languages Now Supported in International Patent Application Filing
19-Apr-2015UAE to Double Official Fees for IPRs Registration
15-Apr-2015TAG-Domains Becomes Accredited Registrar for (.qa) and (.قطر)
12-Apr-2015AGIP Yemen Office Remains Operational Despite Ongoing Unrest
31-Mar-2015Lebanon Requires Legalization of Power of Attorney
30-Mar-2015When & Where to Meet AGIP Professionals
29-Mar-2015TAG-Org Releases Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Dictionary of Legal Terms
29-Mar-2015New Requirement for Trademark Renewal in Algeria
28-Mar-2015AGIP Participates in the INTA’s 173th Annual Meeting in San Diego
17-Mar-2015AGIP Recognized as the Top IP Firm in the Middle East for the 8th Year
10-Mar-2015India Accepts E-Filing of Design Applications
09-Mar-2015Qatar Issues New Regulations Related to Patent Annuity Fees
08-Mar-2015TAG Domains Becomes Accredited Registrar for “.Shabaka” (شبكة. )
05-Mar-2015AGIP Wins Arab Strategic Website Award
02-Mar-2015Increase in Official Fees for Trademark Filing in Sudan
24-Feb-2015New Local Administration Tax in Syria
24-Feb-2015AGIP Participates in the INTA’s 173th Annual Meeting in San Diego
24-Feb-2015TAG-Org to Host the 2nd Middle East DNS Forum in Amman
24-Feb-2015INTA Highlights AGIP's Role in the Development of the Global Advisory Councils, Bulletin Committee and Non-Traditional Marks Committee
23-Feb-2015AGIP Announces Global Fees Reduction
12-Feb-2015AGIP Ranks Top Tier in MIP's World IP Firms Survey
12-Feb-2015Significant Changes to Morocco Industrial Property Law
01-Feb-2015The EU and Morocco strike a deal on the protection of Geographical Indications