1. A simply signed power of attorney.

  2. The specification, claims and abstract.

  3. The drawings, if any.

  4. The priority documents, if any.

Annuity Payment for Patents

A patent is valid for 20 years from the application filing date in Estonia or 20 years from the PCT filing date. European patents extended to Lithuania and Latvia are valid for 20 years from the EP filing date.

A patent annuity must be paid each year to the patent office for maintaining the patent in force for the following year. The annuity must be paid within 2 months prior to the patent annuity due date or within 6 months after the annuity due date with a higher fee.

Requirements for Payment Annuities

  1. Patent number.
  2. Application number.
  3. Annuity due date.
  4. Annuity year.
  5. Name of the owner.


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