Filing Requirements

  1. The application shall identify the applicant, author, title of the design, and the international industrial design class in accordance with the Locarno Agreement in which the design is to be registered.

  2. Photos or drawings of the basic view and each supplemental view of each design.

  3. Written description of the industrial design and the closest known similar design (prototype).

  4. Power of Attorney simply signed by the applicant (no notarization and/or legalization is required).

  5. Certified copy of the priority document if priority is to be claimed.

The Power of Attorney, declaration by inventors and/or priority document can be filed later within 2 months in Estonia.

Renewal Requirements

  1. Registration patent number.

  2. Expiration date.

  3. Whether renewal is for a second, third, etc., 5-year term.

  4. Any other pertinent information.

  5. Name and address of the owner.


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