Trademark Applications

  1. Power of attorney duly completed with your client’s exact full name or company, the exact address including location and simply signed. It could be sent by return fax. It does not require Notary Certification or Consular Legalization.
  2. If the trademark is to be registered with a design or device, we need an example. If the design or device includes color, it should be sent in color.
  3. International Classification (it is not necessary to specify the goods) in which the mark must be filed.  Also, it is important to let you know that we have a multi-class system so a mark could be filed for more than one class in only one application form. The “use” of the mark is not mandatory. 

Collective Trademark Applications

  1. Power of attorney simply signed.
  2. Our trademark Law 17.011 states the following:

    Art. 38: Collective marks are those used to identify goods or services belonging to members of a specific group of individuals.

    Associations of producers, industrialists, merchants, or service providers shall be entitled to apply for the registration of collective marks so as to differentiate in the market those goods or services belonging to their members from those belonging to individuals who are not members of said associations.

    Art. 39: The application for the registration of a collective mark shall include the corresponding usage regulations with the identification of the association filing the application together with the persons authorized to use the mark, the requirements to become a member of the association, the conditions for the usage of the corresponding mark and the reasons why the usage of the mark may be prohibited to one of its members.

Certification Trademarks

“Ownership of certification or guarantee marks shall only be granted to official or semi-official entities."


  1. Your instructions.
  2. Power of attorney simply signed.


  1. Original assignment deed simply signed by the assignor and assignee. If it is a copy, it should be certified and legalized up to the Uruguayan Consulate. Translations should be done by an Uruguayan Authorized translator.
  2. If it is a merger, you should send a certified copy of the document legalized at the Uruguayan Consulate
  3. Power of attorney simply signed by assignee.


  1. A certified copy of the license agreement legalized at the Uruguayan Consulate.
  2. Power of attorney simply signed by the licensee.

Change of Name

  1. A simple copy of the change of name document for our files. It should not be translated.
  2. Power of attorney simply signed.

Change of Address

Power of attorney simply signed with the new address of the owner/applicant.



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