Industrial Design Applications 

  1. A power of attorney simply signed. It could be sent by return fax. It does not require Notary Certification or Consular Legalization.
  2. If priority is claimed, we have 90 days from the Uruguayan filing application date to submit the Priority Document issued by the Patent Office of the origin country.
  3. If priority is claimed and we do not have the document in the moment of the application we need the data of the priority: name of the country, number and date.
  4. Name, identification or passport number and address of the applicant.
  5. Name, identification or passport number of the inventor if he is not the applicant. In our country it is not necessary to submit the assignment from the inventors to the applicant.
  6. One copy of the specification, drawings, claims and a summary of less than 100 words for the publication.
  7. A Spanish translation is required. If priority is claimed the translation of the Priority Document should be done by an Uruguayan public translator.


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