Documents/Information Required for Filing Trademark Applications

1. Name and address of the applicant(s).

2. A clear specimen of the mark (preferably a soft copy in JPEG format).

3. The specification of the goods and/or services, and if possible, the class(es) in which the mark is to be filed.

4. Any claims for color, 3-dimensional shape or aspect of packaging.

5. If the mark is a device (logo), a description of the device.

6. If the mark is or contains a word, the derivation of the word.

7. If the mark is or contains a word in a language other than English, a certified translation and transliteration of the same.

8. If there is a priority claim (i.e. if the applicant has filed to register the mark in a Paris Convention or World Trade Organization country 6 months prior to this application in Singapore), we would require details of the priority applications, including the priority application number, the priority application date, the country in which the priority application was filed and the goods/services covered under such application.


1. Certification marks and collective marks are accepted for registration in Singapore. Regulations of use must be filed with the Registry.

2. Where the applicant has a number of trademarks which resemble each other as to their material particulars and which differ only as to matters of a non-distinctive character, they may be registered in one application as series trademarks.  Official fee will be charged as an application for one mark in one class. Examples of series marks are identical marks in different colors.



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