Utility Model Applications

In general, the requirements for filing a utility model in Denmark are the same as for filing a patent application. The same applies for convention priority.

  1. Name and address of the applicant and inventor.
  2. Title of invention.
  3. Priority data.
  4. Copy of specification/ drawings.
  5. If PCT based, copies of all relevant PCT-documents, including search report, written opinion, and any PCT/IPEA report.
  6. Absolute novelty is required.


  • Methods and processes are not protectable through utility models. These can only be protected through a patent application.

    Further, war material, inventions contrary to the law or public morality; discoveries; scientific theories and mathematical methods; aesthetic design creations; schemes, rules and methods for performing mental acts, playing games or doing business; programs for computers; reproduction of information; plant or animal varieties are not protectable through utility models.

  • It is possible in a PCT application to add a request for utility model in Denmark in the designation, and thus file a utility model as national phase of PCT.

  • A utility model is examined only formally, but examination on novelty and inventiveness can be requested.

  • Maximum duration is 10 years.

  • Opposition is not possible, but request for reexamination or annulment action can be filed at anytime.


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