Requirements for Filing Trademark Applications

1. Applicant’s full name and address.

2. Specification of goods and services classified in accordance with the International Classification system.

3. One print of any size for design or word mark of a special typographical character.

4. A Power of Attorney (no notarization or legalization is required).

5. In case of claiming priority, a certified copy of the priority document will be required.


1. Brazil has signed most of the Intellectual Property relevant international acts, being is a CUP primary signer, a WTO/WIPO/PCT member, signed the TRIPS and adopted the Nice Classification’ 9th edition on January 1, 2007.

2. The term of 10 years of a trademark registration is counted from the registration date. 

3. Brazil does not adopt a multi-class system. Each application shall only cover one single class.

4. Renewal of a trademark registration is feasible within a year before and within 6 months after (late renewal) the due date.

5. If after the registration of a trademark it has not been used within an uninterrupted period of five years and its owner is unable to give a valid reason for such non-use, the trademark may be removed from the Register only at the request of an interested party. No evidence of use is required for the registration prosecution.

6. A new trademark application takes about 60 days to be published on the Official Industrial Property Gazette of the Brazilian PTO. Once published, there is a 60-day deadline from the publication date for third parties to file oppositions.

7. A trademark registration procedure takes about 3 years from the filing of the trademark application to its registration, if no oppositions are filed and/or Official Actions are issued.

Requirements for Assignments, Licenses, Changes

1. A Power of Attorney (no notarization or legalization is required).

2. Suitable evidence, e.g. Assignment Document, License Agreement, Official Deed indicating the change to be recorded, etc. For Assignment also an Affidavit stating that the signatory is the legal representative of the assignor, duly notarized and legalized before the Brazilian consulate.



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