Requirements for Filing Patent and Utility Model Applications

1. Specification, claims, abstract and drawings.

2.  A Power of Attorney (no notarization or legalization is required).

3. Assignment, if necessary.

4. Full name, domicile and address of applicant and inventor.

5. In case of claiming priority, a certified copy of the priority document will be required.

Note: A patent is protected for 20 years counted from the date of submission of the application form to the Brazil Patent Office.

National entry of an international patent application (PCT - Chapter I or II - both 30 months from the international filing date)

1. Copy of the complete PCT application (request, specifications, claims, drawings and abstract).

2. Copy of the PCT publication.

3. Copy of the International Search Report.

4. If so, copies of the Demand and of the Preliminary Examination Report and of any Amendments.



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