The nature of the Lebanese registration system is a deposit system. One Power of Attorney, which must be filed with the application, can be used for filing several design applications.

An industrial model is registrable for an initial term of 25 years starting from the registration date. The duration of a registration is extendible only once for a term of 25 years. A design should be distinguishable from those previously known. Advertising a design prior to filing the application, even by way of sale of the relevant products, does not preclude registration.

Under normal circumstances, the registration of a design is completed within a period of 2 weeks; while the relevant registration certificate is issued within 2 weeks of the registration date.

There is no provision for opposing the registration of a design or an industrial model. The depositor or the applicant shall have the right to ask for advertising all the things he filed or just a part thereof at the time of filing without paying an additional fee. He shall reserve this right during the first 5 years following the filing, but in this case the request for advertising shall necessitate the payment of a fee. As long as the depositor has not asked for advertising the things he filed, the secrecy of the filing shall be fully maintained.


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