The registration proceedings do not involve substantive examination of the compliance with the requirements for protection. 

However, there are two substantive grounds for refusing an application:

1. Where the subject-matter of the application does not correspond to the definition of a design namely, "Any composition of lines or colors shall be deemed an industrial design and any fine image not combined with lines or colors shall be deemed an industrial design, provided that the composition or the said image shall give a special appearance to one of the industrial or handicraft products to serve as pattern to manufacture an industrial or handicraft product. Besides, the said industrial design or model should be different from other ones for having a unique layout easily recognized and gives it a serious feature or for one or more external effects that give a new an appearance."

2. Where the design is contrary to public policy or accepted principles of morality.

One deposit may include up to 100 industrial designs, it is increased from 50 to 100, on the condition that those industrial designs or model are of the same category as under the Locarno Convention.

The industrial design or model file shall comprise as of the date of filing a graphic or photographic reproduction in two copies (instead of three) of the industrial design or models and a list of the graphic or photographic reproductions.

The duration of protection is 25 years. The registration of an industrial design or model shall have effect for five years as from the deposit date. It may be renewed by the payment of the official fees for 4 consecutive periods of five year. Renewal of a registration must be effected within the 6- month period preceding the expiry of its term of validity. However, a grace period of 6 months may be granted to effect the renewal. 

The renewed model or design will keep the same number of the original model or design preceded by capital letter R for the first renewal and 2R for the second renewal.

An application for a design or industrial model may be refused, if a model or design is against public order, or if all original documents are not submitted to the Patent Office within 3 months as of the filing date, or if the model or design reproduces effigies of his Majesty the King or any member of the Royal Family.


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