Despite the independence of Morocco and the integration of Tangier in the general economy of the Kingdom, the Office Morocain de la Propriete Industrielle at Casablanca and Bureau de la Propriete Industrielle at Tangier are still functioning separately. For protecting intellectual property rights in Morocco, registrations in both Casablanca and Tangier are still necessary.

Designs and industrial models are protectable in Morocco by registration with the competent authority. Such a registration is carried out without any novelty examination.
A single application may include by one hundred consecutively numbered designs or models, which are kept sealed for the first five years unless the applicant requests publication for a twenty-year validity.

A design registration is protected for a maximum of 50 years counting from the date of filing the application. The protection period is 25 years when publicity is sought. Design’s protection for initial term of registration is 5 years when secrecy is requested. Prior to the expiration of the five years term, an extension to 25 years without secrecy may be sought. Prior to expiration of the 25-year period, an extension for a final 25-year period is permitted, thereby totaling 50 years from the date of filing the application. Then all designs or models are made public.

Note: The new law No. 17-97 at the date of publishing was waiting for the issuance of the Implementing Regulations in order to be effective.

The new law provides that the law benefits only designs that are registered with the Patent Office. Missing documents must be filed within 3 months as of filing.

Designs are protected for five years. The terms of five years may be extended to two other consecutive terms of five years. Renewal must be effective six months prior to the expiration date. However, a grace period of six months may be granted to effect the renewal. A design may be subject to seizure, may be in pawn.


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