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Requirements for Filing Trademark/Service Mark Applications

The following information and documents are required for attending to trademark and service mark applications:

1. The full legal name and address of the applicant.

2. If the application is a legal entity, the type of enterprise (e.g. private limited company, partnership, sole proprietorship) and state of incorporation.

3. Name(s) of partners or sole proprietor (if applicable).

4. Trading style (e.g. manufacturers, merchants, wholesalers etc).

5. Class of goods/service (if known).

6. Description of goods/services to be covered.

7. Nine samples of the representation of mark e.g. shape mark and colored mark; (please provide graphic/color description and the actual mark). (if any)

8. Derivation of word mark (to specify if it is an invented word).

9. English ... More details


Requirements for Filing Patent Applications

We require the following information and documents for attending to patent application:

1. A certified true copy of client’s Patent and translation (if any).

2. A Power of Attorney to be executed by client.

Please be advised that there is no independent system of registering patents in Brunei.

Brunei will register patents after they have been registered in United Kingdom/Europe or Malaysia or Singapore.

The filing in Brunei has to be done within 3 years after the patent has been granted in one of the 3 abovementioned home countries. After the patent is registered in Brunei, the patent owner will have the same rights accorded to the owner in the home country grant.

In order to re-register a grant of patent in Brunei, we need the following documents:

1. Authorization by ... More details


1. Non – Conventional Design Applications (without priority)

1.1 International classification.
(NB: When filing, it is necessary to submit a classification. This classification may be submitted at our end.)

1.2 Whether the application is a multiple application. If so, the number of designs applied for must be specified.

1.3 Name the particular article or set of articles to which the design applies.

1.4 If the applicant is not the designer, explain the applicant’s rights in relation to the design(s)

1.5 Full name and address of the applicant/(s). Where the applicant is a corporation, the kind of incorporation (e.g. a limited liability company, a joint stock company), the country and state of incorporation must be given.

1.6 Seven sets of clear copies of the representations.
(NB: The representation must be of no more than 160mm by 160mm and one side of the representation shall not ... More details


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