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Turkey is a member of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property. Being a member of the Nice Agreement, the International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks (9th edition) is followed in Turkey, and the revision of class 42 with the creation of classes 43 to 45 has been adopted as of January 1, 2002. Multi-class applications are possible for both goods and services.

Once a trademark application is filed, it is examined as to its registrability. Upon examination, if the Trademark Registrar rejects the mark, an appeal maybe submitted within 2 months from the date of rejection. Once a trademark application is accepted by the Registrar, it is published in the Official Gazette.

Any interested party may file a notice of opposition to the registration of the mark within three months from the publication date. The Registrar's decision concerning the opposition may be appealed to the ... More details


Turkey is a member of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and the European Patent Convention.

Once an application for the grant of a patent is filed, it is examined with respect to compliance with the formalities and patentability provided for under the patent law including novelty, inventiveness (state-of-the-art) and industrial application. The Institute examines the compliance of the application to the formal requirements. Should the examination results reveal that the application suffers formal deficiencies, or that the invention is not subject to patent protection, the examination procedure is suspended and the applicant is requested to remedy the deficiencies or to notify the Institute his objections within the period set forth in the regulations.

Should the examination conducted by the Institute shows no deficiency as to formal requirements or when any such deficiency has been duly remedied and completed in accordance with the ... More details


Designs and industrial models are protected in Turkey through registration with the competent office. The International Classification for Industrial Designs under the Locarno Agreement is followed in Turkey as of November 30, 1998.

Once an application for the grant of a design is filed, it is examined with respect to compliance with the formalities and patentability provided for under the design law including novelty and distinctiveness. (Novelty is defined by law as a design is considered new if, before the date of application or priority (if any), no identical design has been made available to the public anywhere in the world.)

Examination is conducted only in form by the Turkish Patent Institute prior to the registration. Designs allowed for registration are published and thereby become open to opposition for a period of 6 months. However, at the request of the applicant, the publication may be postponed for up to 30 months from the filing ... More details


The Turkish Copyright Law No. 5846 of 1951 amended by Law No. 4630 of 2001 allows for the protection of copyrightable works in general and computer software in particular.

Original works of literature, art and science, regardless of type, importance or purpose are protected. This includes works of art expressed in writing, sound, drawings, photography and motion pictures, such as books, writings, speeches, oral works, plays, dramatic works, musical compositions, films, phonographic works, applied art, 3-D works and computer programs. Such works are protected for the lifetime of the author plus 70 years following his/her death.

In order for protection to be effective, the work of art is to be original and includes personal efforts, innovation and new arrangement.

Any enforcement of the law is through the courts of Turkey.

Some Articles of the Copyright Law No. 5846 dated 1951 has been amended in the following years: 1983, 1995, 2001 ... More details


Any legal entity that is established in any country can apply for a domain name in Turkey. There is no limit to the number of the names that an entity can register as long as it is able to provide the documentation needed to register the domain names. Only a second-level domain name can be registered (i.e., com.tr, net.tr, mil.tr, gov.tr, edu.tr, etc).

A trademark application can be also acceptable for applying to a domain name, provided that both applications have to be identical. In case of any rejection to the trademark application, the domain name shall be canceled within 30 days from that event.
The Middle East Technical University is the ccTLD registry in Turkey responsible for Turkey’s name space.

Entities are also allowed to reserve domain names by writing “reserve” to the name server and IP number fields on the application form. The form may be amended for an active use of the name later on.

A domain name may include a ... More details


  1. Description specifying the invention
  2. Claim(s) covering the elements of the invention for which protection is sought
  3. Drawings referred to in the description, in the claim(s)
  4. Abstract
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