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The Rumanian trademark law does not obligate to file a statement /declaration of use. Nevertheless, in case that a registered trademark is not used for a period of 5 consecutive years within the period of protection, any interested third party is entitled to request before the Rumanian Court the cancellation of the respective trademark on non-use grounds.

For filing the reply to an official letter (provisional refusal, decision of the Reexamination Board, etc.), the Rumanian Patent Trademark Office (PTO) allows a maximum of 4 consecutive 3-month extensions of time; only the first extension implies official fees.


Renewal can be applied for within 3 months prior to the registration’s expiry date. A further grace period of 6 months may also be granted, during which an additional fee is to be paid. However, if the fee is not paid within the period allowed, the owner of the mark shall ... More details


  1. A simply signed Power of Attorney.

  2. An authorization duly notarized, if the applicant is not the same in the basic application.

  3. Two copies of the specification, claims, and abstract of the invention.

  4. Four sets of the formal drawings, if any, (one informal set, three formal sets).

  5. A priority document along with its translation into English, French, or German, when claiming priority.

  6. Assignment form the inventor(s) to the applicant (declaration of inventor(s)), if the applicant is not the same as the inventor(s), to be filed within six months from the filing date.
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