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Renewal is to be requested within a year prior to the registration’s expiry date. A further grace period of 6 months may also be granted, during which an additional fee is to be paid. However, once the said period has lapsed, no restoration shall be possible.

Trademark registrations will be renewed for periods of 10 years.

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  1. Simply signed Power of Attorney.

  2. The name and address of the applicant.

  3. The name(s) and addresses(s) of the inventor(s) and his/their citizenship.

  4. Instructions as to the desired kind of protection (patent, additional patent, secret patent).

  5. The required date of filing.

  6. Data on priority dates (country, date, serial number of the basic application).

  7. Applicant’s or patent attorney’s signature.

  8.  specification/disclosure, claims, drawings and abstract of the disclosure.

  9. Assignment of right to patent (or the respective applicant’s statement of the acquired right to patent) - if the applicant is not the inventor.

  10. Priority document (if it is not issued in English, French, German or Russian, a sworn translation into one of these languages is necessary).

  11. Assignment of priority right (or the respective applicant’s statement ... More details


The subject of application for industrial design may be constituted only by a new, original and capable of multiple reproduction appearance of a product which manifests itself in particular in the shape, the features of the outside surface, colors, lines or ornamentation.

One application may cover no more than ten design models, but only such, which relate to one type of objects possessing a common feature.

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