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Hungary is member of the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol.

The application process normally lasts 12-15 months, depending on whether official actions are issued or not.

Trademark Prosecution
Applications filed after May 1, 2004, are examined ex officio on absolute grounds (inherently registrability) only, relative grounds are examined upon opposition.

Within a period of three months following the publication of a trademark application, (filed after May 1, 2004), proprietors of prior rights can file a notice of opposition to the Hungarian Patent Office on the ground that a mark may not be registered due to conflict with earlier rights as laid down in the Trademark Act.

This system will differ in no way from that of being in use in the CTMR, meaning that such a notice will have to be expressed in writing, contain grounds on which it will be made. Also, upon ... More details


  1. Applicant’s name and address.
  2. Inventor’s name and address.
  3. Specification in 2 copies preferably in English, German, or French for translation into Hungarian.
  4. Power of Attorney.
  5. Drawings in 4 copies, if any.
  6. Assignment Document, if the applicant and the inventor are not the same person.
  7. Certificate of deposit of microorganisms, if the invention is based on the use of microorganisms

Additional requirements for convention applications

  1. Filing date, application number, and country of each basic foreign application.
  2. Certified copy of each basic foreign application, to be filed within 4 months from the filing date.
  3. Hungarian, English, French, or German translation of each certified copy, if it is not in any of these languages. ... More details


Industrial Design Applications

  1. Name and address of the author.
  2. Name and address of the applicant (if different from the author, the document proving the right for being the applicant).
  3. Power of attorney.
  4. Hungarian translation of the title of the design that should be descriptive.
  5. Six equal copies of the photo or drawing of the design.
  6. Maximum of 50 designs can be involved in one application.
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Utility Model Applications

  1. Name and address of the inventor.
  2. Name and address of the applicant (if different from the inventor, the document proving the right for being the applicant).
  3. Power of attorney (no legalization or notarization is needed).
  4. Hungarian translation of the title, specification, claims, and abstract (we do the translation from English, German or French).
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