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Renewal is to be requested within the year prior to the registration’s expiry date. A further grace period of 6 months may also be granted. However, surcharges will be paid in addition to the renewal fee.

Trademark registrations will be renewed for a period of 10 years.

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Patent Applications 

  1. The BI granted text.
  2. The PCT or European Front of the page with the abstract.
  3. The Greek translation of the granted patent.
  4. A Power of Attorney, which merely needs to be signed and stamped by the applicant’s authorized signatory.

Requirements for an assignment against a patent in Greece:

  1. We need either a copy of the original assignment document or a Notarial assignment deed.
  2. The required document must be signed by both parties and the assignor’s signature must be certified by Apostille.
  3. The assignment document must include an express reference to the patent or design in question. We can obtain blank assignment deed forms from the associate’s ... More details


Please note that before the initial filing of the design application we absolutely require:

  1. The complete applicant’s and creator’s data (name, address and nationality).
  2. The complete data concerning the priority, (number, date of the filing).
  3. A set of original photographs of the design(s) in quadruplicate (their dimensions may not exceed 16x16 cm.

    The photographs may be in black and white or in color), or a set of the formal drawings. Please note that the Greek Law on Design Protection allows for photographs, which are only susceptible to "offset" reproduction.

The following documents are required for completing the file:

  1. The certified priority document.
  2. A declaration, reflecting the relation between the applicant and the creator of the ... More details


Utility Model Applications:

  1. The specification, claims and abstract of the application in English, German or French.
  2. The Greek translation of the specification, claims and abstract of the application.
  3. The Power of Attorney in the name of the applicant.
  4. The priority document duly certified.
  5. The assignment of the inventor’s rights to the applicant, certified by Apostille.
  6. The formal drawings (if any) in Schoeller (Bristol board) paper.
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