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Requirements for Filing Trademark Applications

1. A simply signed Power of Attorney.

2. Applicant's name, address.

3. The nationality of the applicant.

4. Prints of the trademark, (not needed for word marks).

5. The list of the goods/services and the classes pertaining thereto.

6. Priority documents (if claimed).


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  1. Two copies of the specification, claims and abstract of the invention in Danish.
  2. Four sets of the drawings, if any.
  3. A priority document if priority is to be claimed.
  4. A deed of assignment, if any
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  • Maximum duration is 25 years from the filing date, i.e. renewable for a total of four times (5 years each).
  • Joint registration of multiple designs is possible, provided that all of the designs belong to a single main class, e.g. class 9 (although sub-classes may be different such as e.g. 9-03, 9-05, 9-99).
  • Danish design registration is obtainable either as a national registration or through an EU design registration.

Novelty - Denmark design:

The design must not have been made publicly available in any form more than 12 months prior to the filing of the design application.

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    Utility Model Applications

In general, the requirements for filing a utility model in Denmark are the same as for filing a patent application. The same applies for convention priority.

  1. Name and address of the applicant and inventor.
  2. Title of invention.
  3. Priority data.
  4. Copy of specification/ drawings.
  5. If PCT based, copies of all relevant PCT-documents, including search report, written opinion, and any PCT/IPEA report.
  6. Absolute novelty is required.


  • Methods and processes are not protectable through utility models. These can only be protected through a patent application.

    Further, war material, inventions contrary to the law or public morality; discoveries; scientific theories and mathematical methods; aesthetic design creations; schemes, rules and methods for performing ... More details


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