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Sudan is a member of the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks (Act of Stockholm of 1967). The International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks under the Nice Agreement is followed in Sudan with the exception of trademarks covering alcoholic goods, which are not registrable.

Once a trademark application is filed, it is examined as to its registrability. Should the mark lack any requirement as provided for in the law and its regulations, the Registrar of Trademarks will reject the application. The applicant may appeal to the Registrar for reviewing the rejection. However, if this failed to give the expected result, the applicant may appeal such rejection to the court of law.

Trademark applications approved by the Registrar are published in the Official Gazette. There is an 8-month period from the date of publication during which any interested party may file an ... More details


Sudan has been a member of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) since April 16, 1984. For international applications under the PCT designating Sudan, a copy of the application must be filed within 30 months of the claimed priority date. Both product and process claims are patentable.

Once an application for the grant of a patent is filed, it will be examined with respect to compliance with the formalities and to unity of invention only. Upon the acceptance of a patent application, the applicant will be notified and invited to pay the publication fees, then the patent will be granted and publication of the grant in the Official Gazette will take place. Any refusal by the Registrar to grant a patent may be appealed before the court. Anyhow, upon the acceptance of a PCT application, the applicant will be notified and invited to pay the registration fees and the patent will be granted without publication of the grant.

A patent is valid in Sudan for 20 ... More details


Sudan issued the Implementing Regulations for Industrial Designs Law of 1974 in July 1999. Based on these Regulations, the Industrial Designs Office accepts applications for industrial designs. The Office examines the application in terms of novelty and makes sure that the filing requirements are fulfilled.

Protection of industrial designs shall be valid for 5 years from the date of the application, and may be renewed for two successive 5-year periods. Renewal fees should be paid within 12 months, with a grace period of 6 months allowed to pay the fees after the lapse of the legal period provided that a late renewal fee should be paid.


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The protection is available to works of fine arts, drawings, photography, paintings, engravings, sculptures, decorations, musical works, dramatic works, phonographic, cinematography and television films in addition to maps, manuscripts relating to geography, topography or science.

The term of protection is the lifetime of the author plus 25 years following his/her death.

Infringements are prosecuted before Khartoum Commercial and Intellectual Property Rights Court and infringers will be penalized by a fine or an imprisonment.

Sudan is a member of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.


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The Sudan Internet Society (SIS) is the local registry for the Top-Level Domain Name (.sd) in Sudan.

Second-Level Domains

.com.sd: entities that provide commercial services with valid commercial registrations from Ministry of Commerce (MOC) or any equivalent documents. Also, registered trade names and marks with MOC can be registered as domain names under .com.sd

.net.sd: entities that provide Internet-related services, e.g., ISPs, web hosting, portal sites, etc

.org.sd: non-profit organizations including societies, charities, clubs and public organizations

.edu.sd: educational and training institutions, e.g., universities, training institutes, etc., with valid ... More details


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